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Customer Centricity

With increased competition it is ever more important for companies to understand the needs and preferences of customers. The customer acquisition process includes the identification of potential prospects, qualifying and converting them to live customers. BPM enables enterprises to do this by observing customer patterns and identifying potential prospects. Companies can then execute their processes to initiate marketing campaigns based on customer patterns and behaviour. The leads generated from marketing campaigns can be qualified. Using well-defined automated process management tools and qualified lead process notifications, steps can be configured to provide customised experiences. The same can be done with customer serving processes, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Process Intelligence

BPM allows real-time, cross-functional visibility into operational processes, a common understanding of activities, process monitoring and prediction. While the Operations Manager can view business processes and their business metrics in real time, the IT Manager can see the supporting systems availability and performance. Through the application of codeless management dashboards, we help our customers to access and manage information more effectively. 

Process Automation

BPM combines technologies and methodologies to define and automate processes. triVector enables customers to achieve sustainable operational improvements through digitising processes and process flows. At the same time, we also combine new and existing services, streamline and error-proof processes while ensuring cost-efficiency and accessibility. BPM coordinate workflows and direct action by notifying people and presenting the necessary information to perform tasks.


Consistency in operations is necessary for any organisation’s survival and growth. Owing to individuality, different skills levels and the different ways of performing the same tasks, it is difficult to standardise processes within an organisation. Through BPM, triVector ensures that processes and procedures are well documented.  Avoid uncoordinated business process activity that is time consuming and costly by establishing Standard Operating Procedures for all processes and all instances of processes throughout your organisation. Our approach is not only to standardise, but also to limit variations and improve the quality of products and services offered to customers.


In a volatile and uncertain world, effective Governance, Risk and Compliance measures are critical to mitigate unforeseen and potentially disastrous events. Added to this, companies are increasingly compelled to adhere to industry regulations, government requirements and demonstrate compliance on demand. Compliance is a process-focused issue and is a key driver for BPM. triVector helps customers to ensure compliance through the application of BPM. Processes are executed as per the customer’s standard operating procedures and documentation. BPM empowers executives with the right tools to ensure accuracy of documentation and compliance.

Any Time, Any Place, Any Device

With new technologies and communication platforms such as mobile and cloud, it is now possible to communicate and obtain information at Any Time, Any Place and through Any Device. Through BPM and the appropriate application of these technologies, we enable our customers to access information and manage processes remotely and with ease.

Process Optimization

With process intelligence, knowing what happens as it is happening and how potential changes impact the business, executives are able to see where improvement and optimisation is required. BPM flags changes, issues and potential problems immediately and provide the necessary information, enabling control, decision-making and optimisation. Processes are redefined and optimised through the application of BPM methodologies.

Application Lifecycle Management

Managing the Lifecycle of any project or application entails involvement in the governance, development and all operational phases thereof, from the very beginning to the very end.  The success of Application Lifecycle Management depends on the creation of a ‘Single Truth’ to ensure alignment between business requirements and effective management of change in the business environment. triVector enables ‘Single Truth’ from Blueprint to Go-Live. We integrate process models and ensure sustainable environments, supporting the management of applications through the entire lifecycle.

Helix3 Overview

The Helix Framework is one of the best light and feature rich responsive framework for Joomla templating. It is so easy to develop and control of Joomla templates for you and your clients. Helix framework will make your experience of creating website much smoother than ever before.

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Highly Compatible

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What we do

The diagram below depicts the Business Value created for customers when triVector's customised solutions meet customers' specific requirements. The various components are defined below the diagram:

Business Scenarios

Customers across industries have various business scenarios that change as businesses develop and mature over time. For example, customers’ strategies could include the generation of business value through product leadership, operational excellence or building and strengthening customer relationships. Value could also be created through an one-time event such as a merger, an acquisition, business transformation or technology enablement. Furthermore, customers’ growth tactics may include replication or leveraging economies of scale and improved coordination. In some instances, customers may have to ensure compliance to either legal or quality regulations, or both, as a prerequisite to generating value and growing the business. These scenarios often hold inherent problems and challenges. Key components addressing these problems and challenges are Business Optimisation and Digital Innovative Growth. 

Expertise / Capabilities
Tools / Technologies
Business Value

About triVector

triVector is your partner of choice in delivering vector-driven solutions to accomplish business optimisation and innovative digital growth. We provide the expertise and knowledge to direct, and the passion and people to drive value-added business solutions. triVector assists customers to achieve their business objectives by addressing challenges and solving problems through developing and maximising synergies between processes, people and technology. 

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