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What We Offer

We specialise in Business Process Management (BPM) based on a well-defined BPM life cycle and methodology. In the development of BPM and business transformation solutions we incorporate sound Enterprise Architecture principles and repository based technology enablement. We walk the extra mile in applying change and project management to ensure successful implementation of initiatives and business strategies.

We work closely with our customers, addressing specific business requirements at various stages of organisational development, from establishing capabilities to continuous improvement and optimisation of existing processes. Our portfolio of services includes the nine stages of development as depicted below. We apply business solutions depending on customer requirements and the level of organisational maturity.

BPM graphics Standardisation    BPM graphics BRM   BPM graphics Process Intelligence
 Standardisation   Business Rules Management   Process Intelligence
 BPM graphics Compliance   BPM graphics Anytime   BPM graphics ProcessOptimisation
Compliance   Any Time, Any Place, Any Device   Process Optimisation
BPM graphics ALM   BPM graphics ProcessAutomation   BPM graphics Customer
Application Lifecycle Management   Process Automation   Customer Centricity


Are your business processes managed as an asset unlocking potential value for your organisation? AND do you measure and understand the impact of organisational change on your people, systems and processes as well as the cross functional implications?

Business processes are inherently part of all businesses and although it may not always be explicitly defined and managed it is still a valuable asset. The value could be in the definition and management of business processes for inter alia compliance, optimisation, strategic alignment, system enablement, application life cycle management, multi-national standardisation of processes and systems and even shared service implementation. For more information on our service offering and how we can assist you in managing your business processes effectively, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



About triVector

triVector is your partner of choice in delivering vector-driven BPM solutions, services and support. We provide the expertise and knowledge to direct, and the passion and people to drive value-added BPM solutions, services and support. Focused on enabling business strategies, triVector improves process agility and ensures operation efficiency while creating real value for our customers.

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