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Training Courses

triVector offers training in the form of workshops in Gauteng, the Western Cape, Botswana and Namibia and are also available to present workshops at client companies anywhere in Southern Africa and abroad. Our workshops are presented by triVector professionals who are acknowledged in the industry for their knowledge and skills.

In addition to training workshops, triVector also provides a Profile Assessment service in order for you to determine your specific Training and Development requirements. This service comprises the following:

BulletJob Profiling

BulletEmployee Competence Measurement

BulletReporting and Consulting

BulletBridging the Gap: Development Action Plan

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List of Training Courses

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BPM Roadmap and Maturity Assessment
BPM Canvas™ 2 days R6600 This workshop equips you with the knowledge to establish a BPM Roadmap, defining your BPM Canvas for the next year and beyond.  
BPM Maturity Assessment 1 day  R3300 The objective of the PEMM workshop is to provide practical experience in using and understanding the value of the Hammer Process and Enterprise Maturity Model. In the workshop you complete the first assessment, including a report on the way forward and learn how to DIY.  
Business Rules Management 1 day R3300  An introduction to business rules, including terminology, concepts and tools. You learn how to identify and model business rules in the business process models, including methods and notations. The course touches on the concept of a business rule engine.  
BPM Modeling Notations  1 day  R3300 Introduction to BPM, BPMN as notation, business process modeling, analysing business process behaviour, data in process models and choreographies.  
Design Principles for BPM and BA  1 day  R3300 This practical course includes examples and exercises that will assist you to benefit from enterprise architecture principles, modular and evolvable business process principles, reference models and EA patterns.  
Process Intelligence  1 day  R3300 Development of a prototype dashboard to provide process intelligence. It addresses the identification of KPIs from strategic drivers, sourcing data as well as verification of data.  
Business Process Management  2 days  Available on request This introductory BPM course is part of a 6 days course at the University of Pretoria, Centre of Continued Education.  
General Business
Business Writing Skills 2 days   Available on request Learn the process in writing texts and reports required in business. It promotes clear, unambiguous communication in plain language specific to a business environment. Learn about formats and any legislated requirements.  
ICDL Certified Test Supervision 1 day  - triVector supervises test writing.  
Technical Training in Partnership    
SAP PowerDesigner: DEV 621  1 day   Available on request Enterprise Architecture modeling with SAP PowerDesigner 16.5  
Business Process Modeling with ARIS (ABD)   2 days  Available on request Learn to create process documentation in ARIS 9, create various ARIS models in accordance to the ARIS modeling rules. This knowledge will help create a clean and good-looking business process landscape.   
Advanced Business Process Modeling with ARIS (ABA1)  2 days  Available on request Advanced Business Process Modeling is about activities supporting pure modeling, Quality Assurance, maintenance of group structures on a large scale, automatic model generation, import/export of data and easy-to-use evaluations. Learn how to model and create a good business process landscape fast. Available on request.
Customisation and Management of the ARIS Modeling Environment  2 days Available on request  Customisation and management of the ARIS modeling environment is about activities that enable others to do the modeling. It is about setting up configuration, databases and supportive things, like reports, macros and semantic checks. Learn to utilise the knowledge to create a good business process landscape fast. Available on request.
Enterprise Architecture Management with ARIS (ITA)  2 days  Available on request Covers detailed method conventions for designing and managing an Enterprise Architecture that you can instantly apply to your own work environment. Learn how to build content in the ARIS repository and establish relationships with content from other architecture views, address important issues, such as, detecting system redundancy, identifying IT requirements, building up and planning IT landscapes, creating IT system lifecycle reports, and analysing the impact of business process changes on the relevant IT systems. Available on request.
ARIS 9 Design Platform Delta  2 days  Available on request ARIS 9 combines 20 years of Business Process Analysis (BPA) experience with the latest technology trends. Get all the information to use and administer ARIS 9 successfully, based on your previous ARIS 7.x skills. Available on request.



































































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triVector is your partner of choice in delivering vector-driven BPM solutions, services and support. We provide the expertise and knowledge to direct, and the passion and people to drive value-added BPM solutions, services and support. Focused on enabling business strategies, triVector improves process agility and ensures operation efficiency while creating real value for our customers.

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