Process Optimisation

triVector continuously strive to ensure greater process optimisation for each of our customers. We implement appropriate measurement capabilities to monitor key performance indicators, including process-orientated analysis, dashboards and supply-chain optimisation. 

In the preparation for effective monitoring with the use of dashboards, firstly the strategic drivers and the relevant KPIs that support them are identified. In this process we ensure that business strategy is linked to the business processes and KPIs in order to provide Context and Acceptance for customers. 

The development and actionability of dashboards, displaying KPI results, allows business managers to obtain the necessary information for effective decision-making – moving from unknown ‘unknowns’ to known ‘unknowns’ to known ‘knowns’. The development of dashboards is dependent on the modelling of business processes, linking the processes to the information layer. In the process source data is identified, responsibilities allocated and business rules highlighted. 

Depending on the development life cycle of dashboards and measurement tools, a prototype dashboard can be developed through the application of MS Access and ARIS Mashzone. This prototype dashboard tests if the formal dashboard is technically possible. Information identified in business processes is populated and results are open to comments and adjustments. This prototype not only tests, but could greatly reduce the development time required for the formal dashboard. 

Lastly, the accuracy of data needs to be verified. Various techniques such as complexity analysis and business rule reports are applied to ensure the dashboards provide credible results. Business data produced by the relevant measuring and monitoring instruments reflects operational realities and highlights areas for improvement. We specialise in the implementation of appropriate monitoring instruments and where reports indicate the need, we develop and implement additional measures to capture all the necessary data for optimisation. We continuously identify new known ‘unknowns’ and ensure that we turn them into known ‘knowns’. 

From strategy to business processes and the sustainable execution thereof, to establishing measurement and optimisation capabilities within customer organisations, triVector ensures continuous efficiency of operations, thereby enabling customers to reach their strategic goals. 

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