What We Do

triVector specialises in solving Business Problems. We combine years of experience and specialised expertise with appropriate technologies and develop solutions that adds significant value to your business. We customise solutions to address the specific challenges and problems within your business, ensuring effective business process management that will allow you to realise your business strategies and improve return on technology investments. We offer a complete portfolio of business process management and business transformation solutions, services and support.

Our service offering comprises four levels of progression within the BPM sphere. For more information on our services for each stage of organisational development in a BPM related context, please visit our Professional Services section.

Complementing our solutions and services, we introduced a range of business solution products that are easy to implement and managed, ensuring long-term sustainability of change initiatives while enhancing business value. For more information on our Solutions, please contact us at info@trivector.co.za.

Our Approach

Our approach to BPM is in line with Forrester’s definition of the BPM discipline:

“BPM is as a broad framework of methods, approaches, techniques and technologies that support organizational change, value optimization and on-going performance improvement.

BPM is not a narrow technical approach, Forrester regards BPM as including a wide range of improvement methods such as Lean and Six Sigma, along with customer-centric (outside-in) engagement approaches and organizational change management – each one of these levers ties back to a flexible and adaptable enterprise architecture that implements an evolving business strategy.

Such an all-encompassing approach can help focus on strategic priorities, as well as opportunities to both differentiate the value proposition, and sharpen the competitive edge.”

We offer our services on a consultancy and project basis, working alongside our clients. We analyse your business requirements and determine the readiness for change and development before presenting our proposal. We project manage your development and change initiatives and apply change management practices where required. We also offer complete training of our clients’ employees responsible for the sustainability of projects and the outcomes thereof.

Our Clients

Our clients include blue chip companies, corporate, small and medium enterprises, state-owned enterprises as well as government departments and institutions. We serve all the major industries and our services are extended across South Africa and into Africa.